Ice Out in Pittsburg, NH

As you may recall, I have a love affair with Tall Timber Lodge up in Pittsburg, NH (prior posts here).

It’s where I first learned how to fly fish, and I’ve taken my children up there when each is large enough to wade. You can fish the cool tailwaters of the Connecticut River for brookies, rainbows and landlocked salmon, the last of which are incredibly hard-fighting. You can fish the lake and ponds for wild fish. Great food, too.

This summer, I’ll be making my 12th stay up there.

I’m thinking of co-owner Tom Caron and the gang right now, as I saw the two posts below. Looking forward to summer and going to where I think heaven exists on earth!

Official ice out at Back Lake is today, April 28. Spring is here and so is fishing season! #pittsburgnh #talltimber #fishing?

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4 thoughts on “Ice Out in Pittsburg, NH

  1. Looks like a nice place. I have never ventured up to that area and its on my Bucket List. Does the fishing hold up during the summer? Do they rent boats for the lake fishing?

    1. Yes, it does, below 1st Connecticut Lake and Murphy Dam, as they’re bottom-released tailwaters. Dam below 2nd Lake has a top-released flow. That can be warm water depending on the weather. But, the fish in that stretch are all wild.

      Regardless, and, depending on dam flows, August can be trying overall unless you tightline from afar. And, the fish are pretty jaded by then.

      Yes, they offer boat rentals for Back Lake. They also have some boats at some ponds.

  2. Very cool Jo! I live in New Hampshire yet have never ventured up that far. I’m thinking it is about time now! I too have heard about the stretch between second and first lakes since one of my close friends fished up there as a counselor of a youth trout camp. What types of wild fish are there? Just brookies and salmon or are there some bows and browns thrown into the mix?

    1. I’ve caught salmon and brookies in that stretch, but I do recall a rainbow parr or two. The folks at Tall Timber will know for sure, though. You should head up there, if you can!

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