Our Overviews of Key Rivers

As the sun rises higher in the horizon and the temperature warms, we soon will be heading into prime trout season.

The stocker trucks may not start rolling until end of March or early April, but there are many waters that will house holdovers.

We’ve invested a great deal of time into “overview guides” for some of the larger bodies of water that can handle the pressure. We write up about particular spots.

So, if you have time, click here to read the posts. Or, if wild fish are more your thing, click here for a prior post on potential areas in Massachusetts. If there’s a particular river for which you have high interest, check out the categories on the right side bar, and there may be multiple and detailed fishing reports.

Get ready to fish!

4.30 pm edit:
CT DEEP has started to stock, as of today. This was recently posted.


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7 thoughts on “Our Overviews of Key Rivers

  1. If you guys would like a guest post on a great little river – the East Branch of the Swift – I’d be happy to do that for you.

  2. Ha – I had the same question for you guys in terms of formatting. Can you see my email when I leave a comment? Or, can I reach your gmail via the abbreviations to the right?

      1. Just checking to see if you got the note I shot over friday… sent it to the blogflyfishma gmail. If not, and you can shoot one to the email you can see through the site for me then we can finalize that way…


        1. I did. I wrote back right away. I wonder if my email is in your spam folder?

          Here’s what I wrote:

          Wow, that sounds awesome! I have heard about that river but I’ve never been to it, since I get in a rut. So, I am looking forward to reading your review. And, if there are any pictures you want included in the post, you can email them to me.

  3. Cool – Ill check the spam, and the server… every now and then things get trapped there…

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