The TRCP: Two Thumbs Up


If you’re looking to defend public lands, consider donating to the TRCP. That’s the acronym for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

I decided to give what is, for me, a significant donation. I want to do my part.

I asked my Congressman what is the best way to influence a rep. in another state, given that I’m in New England.

The answer: Find a friend or colleague in that state and convince him/her to lobby that local Rep. or Senator. In other words, it is really hard to influence a legislator if you’re not in his/her district or state.

It’s a reminder that we live in a Republic, not a pure democracy. We elect representatives, who duke it out.

So, the next best thing, IMO, is to fund a grass-roots organization. Such an organization has the scale and insider knowledge to apply pressure to the right people.

I first heard about the TRCP from some folks who are competition anglers and/or work for state agencies. They think very highly of the group.

I then looked up its charity ratings and was impressed that it received the highest grades possible. I read the web site, the annual reports, and the IRS filing forms.

Through a contact, I reached out to Jonathan Stumpf. Then, I spoke with Krystyn Brady, the organization’s Director of Communications. Have been emailing back and forth with the group’s CEO, Whit Fosburgh, and we shortly will be having a call.

I love what I heard: passion for preserving our lands for hunting and fishing, and a keen awareness of how to influence legislators.

So, if you’d like to contribute to a worthy cause, click here to learn more about the group.


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