Lance Egan’s GTI Caddis

A fly I’m tying is the Egan GTI Caddis (video up top). I like the color contrasts, and I’ve found that Caddis is pretty abundant on nearly all waters that I fish.

I’m tying them in size 18 and will use them as a dropper. I won’t be adding weight to them, as I like my droppers to move around freely in the drift. The only other modification is that I didn’t buy orange scudback material. I’m just using clear ThinSkin and coloring it with an orange Sharpie.

So, hopefully, they’ll work this spring.


2 thoughts on “Lance Egan’s GTI Caddis

  1. I like your chances with that fly. For scuds and flies like this one I like to tie the mono or wire in first, then put on the top skin. In my case for the top skin or shell, I use a small strip of plastic from a sandwich bag.

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