Congressman Joe Kennedy III

It worked!

As I wrote before, and building on Troy’s post, two House bills have been introduced that likely will result in the sale of public lands. I just read that 3.3 million acres are at stake.

So, I called my Congressman’s local office, as a D.C. insider suggested. As luck would have it, the person who answered the phone is a fly fisherman.

I alerted him to the new House bills that have been introduced. I think I’m the first constituent to report about them. He was very empathetic, listened carefully, and didn’t rush me. Then, I got this cool and unexpected email back:

Thank you for the call. I’ve put our discussion into our system, outlining the issues surrounding HR 621 and 622. Now that they are in our system, the Congressman will be notified. I encourage you to keep calling so that this issue gets moved further to the top.

He also emailed me the name and phone number for the Congressman’s scheduler and suggested that I ask for a meeting. So, yeah, I’m going to ask to meet Congressman Joe Kennedy III. Wish me luck!

Hope you all can make the time to call your Congressman’s local office?


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3 thoughts on “Congressman Joe Kennedy III

  1. And in case there are some of you wondering why you should care about what happens out west, remember that when it comes to federal lands, the west is your backyard. I've taken many a trip to the Grand Staircase in southern Utah and disappeared for days in the backcountry. It's an extraordinary experience and I have memories I will never forget. Please don't remain idle thinking you don't have a stake in this issue.

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