Adam Kautza’s Upcoming Talk

Just got this from the Concord Outfitters guys! Am so pumped….


We are excited to announce that Adam Kautza, an avid fly fisherman and the Coldwater Fisheries biologist for the state of Massachusetts, will be giving a presentation on his work to protect and enhance the rivers that we love to fish. He will be talking about the current state of our Massachusetts fisheries, the stocking program, and the future directions the state is looking to pursue in regards to our fisheries. This is your chance to get some real answers. Stop by January 26th at 7pm for a great presentation and gain a better understanding of the rivers you love to fish.

Here is a little info on Adam and the work he is doing:

I am currently the Coldwater Fisheries Resources Project Leader for Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. I began in May of 2016. Some of my main tasks are 1) to develop applied research projects to answer important resource management questions necessary to better conserve, protect, and/or enhance coldwater fish habitat and fisheries, 2) provide recommendations for coldwater fisheries management and protection, and 3) participate in environmental review with regards to actions that may impact coldwater fisheries resources. My major long-term focus is to develop a comprehensive statewide trout management plan. I completed my PhD at Ohio State University in 2014 where I examined the influence of human-derived land cover change on fish communities, riverine food webs, and most notably, the reciprocal exchange of energy and nutrients between aquatic and terrestrial components of these food webs. Prior to my current position I also worked as a postdoctoral research associate, lecturer, and as a fisheries technician for various state fish and wildlife departments.

Don’t miss out on this great chance to meet Adam and learn about our fisheries. If you have any questions, give us a call at the shop at 978-318-0330. We hope to see everyone there.


5 thoughts on “Adam Kautza’s Upcoming Talk

  1. When I got that email today I paused for a moment and wondered if that Adam and this blog site's Adam were the same guy. I saw the camo hat and said, wait a sec…

  2. I certainly encourage everyone to come see me at Concord Outfitters! My posts on this blog will remain, as much as possible, about my personal fishing exploits and opinions as an angler. My personal thoughts and opinions contained in my blog posts don't necessarily reflect my professional thoughts/opinions or those of the agency I work for. I won't be getting into any debates or arguments here regarding what I do professionally or how the agency manages the resource. I encourage everyone to come see my talk and/or contact me at my office if they want to discuss science and management.


    1. Good luck with the lecture, Adam. I would love to attend but will be out of town. I was at the TU cold water/cold beer event at the Patagonia store and was so disappointed with how little time all of the speakers were given to present. I got the sense you really had more to say and suspect you will have the audience there for it. Wish I could make it but maybe next time.

  3. Adam, you're spot on. Also, FYI, I PM'd Concord Outfitters asking if they will do a Facebook Live stream. In that way, people can catch your talk remotely–and, they can see the talk after the fact, since those streams normally will stay active on a publisher's Facebook Page.

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