Stocking Up

My car needed maintenance and has a tire issue, and so, I had to take it in. These things usually take a few hours. So, I brought some work-related materials and also brought some fly tying gear.

I set up near a window, as I felt a little self conscious. But, it worked out.

After some office-related work, I decided to tie some #20 X-Caddis. Included some CDC fibers and a trailing shuck. These flies were deadly this past summer at the Farmington. Time to stock up.


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6 thoughts on “Stocking Up

    1. Yes! I positioned myself at a high table next to the window and my back was to the room, as I was feeling self-conscious. But, a two-hour wait became four hours, and so, I'm glad I brought my fly tying stuff with me to pass the time.

      Great to see you as well, Bob. Hope you're well. Best wishes for a great holiday season if I don't see you before Christmas.

  1. Well played bringing your fly tying gear to the dealership. I agree on the caddis, the CDC adds something to that fly and I had great luck with them too. I tied up a couple tonight myself. Regards, Sam

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