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Hey everyone. My name may sound familiar from the Mop Fly article, and I’m happy to say I’ll be joining Jo, Adam, and Troy as a writer on this blog. I’d like to thank them for giving me the chance to share some of the stuff I’ve learned about fly fishing over the years, including techniques, flies, opinions, and so on.

So I’d like to give a brief introduction, and what better way to start than with my favorite fish. Brown trout? Nope. Brookie? Nope. Bass? Nope.

It’s the carp.

Carp are my favorite fish to catch by far, and it comes down to two reasons. It’s all sight fishing and they are almost always the strongest fish available to me.

What’s the last time a trout has taken you into your backing? Maybe a few times a year of if you’re lucky. With carp, my backing always dirty, just the way I like it. And watching a carp slurp down a fly is on par with watching a trout eat a dry.

An angler’s favorite fish can tell you a lot about them I think. For me, I’m not in the sport of fly fishing for the beauty or relaxation. I’m a run-and-gun type of fly fisherman… when I have enough time to go out and fish, I am targeting the most of biggest fish I can as efficiently as possible. Obviously no judgement to those who go on the water to relieve stress (that’s most anglers, and sometimes me too), but I go out on the water to challenge myself – breaking PBs and catching a load of fish. That’s why I’ll fish Mop Flies for trout just as readily as dries and why I’ll fish for carp in a polluted city canal as readily as I’ll fish for trout in the mountains.

So I intend to write about carp more frequently, but don’t worry trout guys, I do plenty of trout, bass, and saltwater fishing as well. And the best part about fly fishing is that it all carries over from one type to another. Most of my sight fishing skills for trout I believe are a direct result of my time spent chasing carp, and learning to fish the bottom for trout was something else I derived from traditional carp fly fishing techniques.

Bottom line – I’ll try and post about a very broad variety of fishing styles, be it different techniques or species. And make an effort to get out of your comfort zone and try something new… I guarantee you’ll be a more effective angler when you’re done.


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10 thoughts on “My Favorite Fish

  1. Hi Noel. Welcome to blog and thanks for taking your time to write.
    I am hoping to catch my first fly carp next year but have no idea how to do that!

    1. Hey C&R,

      I believe Troy wrote an old post on carping on this blog, probably somewhere in the archives now. Lots if good info on the web, but check back here early next week and I'll make that my first 'real' post!

      Where are you located? May be able to help you more with that.


    2. I will take a dig through the archive and look forward to your post.
      I am in central ma. All the reading I have done says carp are everywhere but that does not seem the case for me!
      I have caught a few fish from the ct river and Blackstone but the spots I know don't seem good for the fly rod.

    1. Thanks RM! Big fan of your blog as well – in fact, you're one of the only ones out there writing about carp around here!


  2. Looking forward to your write up on Carp. I've been wanting to go after them for a couple years now. Even tied up some flies for it. I've read there are plenty of spots around Boston. But have I gone… nope.

  3. I love carp too! Really amazing fish on the fly. I fished for them a ton when I lived in the Midwest. This was especially true during my time in central OH where carp, buffalo, drum, gar, and redhorse were the Scioto River grand slam. I didn't get much chance to try for carp out here in Mass during my first summer here but now that I'm in the city I should have plenty more opportunities. I may be adding a few carp posts of my own! Welcome Noel btw

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