Devin Olsen’s Squirmy Wormy

I follow quite a few fly fishing blogs. There is so much good content online.

Increasingly, I focus on competitive anglers, who are on the cutting edge of technique. One such person is Devin Olsen, a member of Fly Fishing Team USA.

He blogs about some cool things, such as his approach during the recent World Championships. Reading his posts made me realize how important it is to be flexible and innovative. I recently have been employing his recommended Euro dry-dropper hybrid rig, which worked well during a recent windy day at the Farmington.

At times, he also posts fly tying videos. Up top is one for the Squirmy Wormy, which shows a cool way to add ribbing to the fly and give the fish a different look. This fly hopefully will work well for me this winter.


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2 thoughts on “Devin Olsen’s Squirmy Wormy

  1. Just curious as to your fly rod when using this dry dropper rig? Also what distance is comfortable to cast? I use a 3wt Euronymph rod and line.

    1. 11' #3. It cast well for about 25'. Maybe 35'? Hard to know when I'm completely obsessed with my casts, catching a drag-free drift, and complaining out loud why the trout aren't taking my flies.

      But, in all seriousness, the rig is not for long-distance casting, as most Euro rods are a bit too floppy, IMO.

      Your thoughts?

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