At the Bench: a Glass Caddis

Goofing around with glass and UV resin. #flytying #flyfishing

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I’ve crossed paths at rivers a few times with Court Prestia. He showed me an interesting fly with a glass body. Then, after reading this article, I’ve been goofing around with glass beads and UV resin. Up above is a size 18 caddis larva made with both clear and black glass beads.

After the photo, I added a soft hackle of sorts: I put some wax on the thread, touch dubbed it with some squirrel fur, spun it, and then wound everything behind the black bead while stroking back the fibers. It looked OK in the end. I also tied others, one with with tinsel on the hook and another with colored thread.

Not sure if these will outdo perdigones, which also have segmentation and translucence. But, this is a different profile.

I’m excited to give these flies a shot the next time I’m out on the water.

Thanks for the viewing, Court!


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