Gear Review: Wading Boot Studs

Temperatures are dropping and ice is starting to form on trails to and from rivers. I’ve tried various ways to add traction to my wading boots, from slip-on attachments to ice-cycling screws.

The attachments quickly broke off, and the ice cycling screws required epoxy to stay in place, which was fine until they started wearing down.

My favorite solution has been using PosiGrip studs from Orvis. They’re easy to screw on and off, and they last a long time.


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4 thoughts on “Gear Review: Wading Boot Studs

  1. What scenarios do you use studs in? I've been using felt soles (always cleaning the soles between trips to make sure I'm not transporting anything), but I feel like occasionally I'm missing out on traction.


    1. I keep them in all the time, actually. Shouldn't as some are wearing down, but I don't want to go through the hassle of screwing/unscrewing them as I vary the rivers I hit, from the ones that are slippery (e.g., Westfield E. Branch) and ones less so. With water so low since June, I probably should have taken them out and saved money due to less wear and tear.

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