Fishing in Colder Weather

Well, we are sliding to the heart of autumn. The daylight period is shrinking, and the water temps are declining. See below for the temps. for the Green River.

As I’ve blogged before, water temps. are critical, for they help determine trout behavior and what your fishing strategy may be.

So, next time out on a freestone, I’ll tightline nymph or, if I have to, float an indicator, and will be on the look out for very soft takes. I’ll have handy some egg patterns. When the water is really cold, the fish’s metabolism will slow down, and I’m not sure what bugs will be active, other than midges and small BWOs when the air temp cooperates.

At tailwaters, the water will be somewhat warmer, and so, I’ll be on the look out for any bug activity. Still, I think egg patterns there will be a high-priority bet. I’d add midges, too.

Enjoy this weather, and tightlines for all!


3 thoughts on “Fishing in Colder Weather

  1. What size and color eggs are best in the fall? I have tried some Salmon River style globugs with no success!

    1. Well, no simple answer. The good news is that these are very simple to tie. Just some thread and egg foam.

      1. I make them in green, yellow, white, orange, hot red, etc.–I find the fish key in on different colors depending on the day

      2. I usually tie them on a #16 or #18 hook, but what really is important is the size of the egg foam itself–I make them in various circumferences. Sometimes they want a big glob, and sometimes they want something small.

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