Deerfield River Float Trips

Man, I wish I could go on one of these trips.

Orvis Dedham is organizing some floats on the Deerfield on July 23 and 24. Here is the description:

Enjoy a full day float trip down the Deerfield Rivers in Western Mass. Total cost is $225. This is one of our most popular trips. Each inflatable boat will be manned by the hardworking Harrison Anglers, their job is to put you on the fish! Send us a request for more information or come in the store to make your $100 deposit to hold your seat.


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6 thoughts on “Deerfield River Float Trips

  1. I am signed up for the July 23 trip, very much looking forward to it as I have never fished the Deerfield.

  2. I will certainly check back in, however my writing skills are not adequate for writing a guest post.

  3. FYI, I recently floated the Deerfield with the Harrison brothers and had a good day although it was the middle section and I'd like to try the upper (Fife brook) section. The Orvis trip works great if you're solo but if you have a friend then just contact the Harrison's as the Orvis pricing is per person. When you go to the Harrison's its per boat ($450). Don't forget to add tip. Last thing, the Orvis trip means multiple boats together so if you prefer a quieter setting then direct with Harrison's will be better.

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