Thank you, everyone!

We now are pushing over 10,000 pageviews a month on this blog. Yesterday, we hit over 500 pageviews in a single day.

As a reminder, our blog:

  • Is not a business venture. We don’t earn any revenue or commissions or seek prospects for guiding services. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what we’re about.
  • Offers posts by fellow anglers for other anglers. We are just regular guys who love to fish. All the time we put into this blog is as unpaid volunteers.
  • Strives to be community-driven. We love the incredible insights and reactions that come from your comments. It’s why your comments do not need our approval before they’re posted, and why we accept anonymous ones (as long as they’re polite).

So, thank you for reading, sharing, and forwarding our blog posts. We always are open for guest posts, and so, please let us know!

And, many thanks to Adam for joining our team. With Troy moving out-of-state, it is awesome to have a second regular writer for the blog. Thank you, Adam!

Finally, on this Memorial Day, peace and blessings to all those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. For them and their families, may we strive to live positive, wholesome, and productive lives in honor of them.


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9 thoughts on “10,000

  1. This is one of the best blogs I have read. Your contributions are honest and interesting, with tons of great information to help me on the water. Thank you again for this great blog and have a wonderful summer time! One request…could you start some striper talk?

    1. I've only been here about a month but at some point I'll get around to sampling all the fishing that MA has to offer. In the future you can expect posts regarding all manner of saltwater fish, lake trout, pike, carp and anything else that will eat a fly! However, I think the true heart of this blog is based on freshwater (especially trout) fly fishing so my posts about saltwater – when I get around to doing it – will remain something of a novelty.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Congrats on the progress. Good job on recruiting Adam as well. Great new voice for the blog.

    I've seen the above blog objectives and it's good to see them again. However, would you please consider posting this blog's approach to naming waters and access sites?

    I ask because Adam's recent post echoed something I've seen you post in the past about giving away details via email if a reader asked for them, but not doing so via the blog.

    Since both of you are blogging now, I suspect you have a common approach?

    1. I name nearly all the rivers I fish. Regarding access points, those are all stated in the various river overviews I've done. So, all the info is there, IMO. And, I think part of the fun of fly fishing is going out there and discovering things for yourself.

    2. For example, here is an overview of the Westfield's East Branch and it lists the access points.

      Regarding a policy, Adam is free to post whatever he wants. He is under no pressure to post about specific access points if he doesn't want to. After all, he is doing all this as a volunteer, and I personally feel we are already disclosing a great deal about rivers, access points, techniques, and flies. If people need more help than that, I think there's no substitute for going out with a guide. They're great resources and work very hard for their money.

    3. I too have absolutely no issue with giving away as much information as possible to help people out. I would say that most everything these days isn't a secret anyway so I'll strive to provide up to date insight and information that might not be so obvious on the fisheries themselves as well as the fish I'm pursuing. In very rare instances I will limit the blatant posting of specific spots if I feel the location or fishery deserves some special treatment for whatever reason. That being said I won't mind giving out that information on an individual basis. I'll find out if this blog has a personal message feature to maybe make this exchange a bit easier.

  3. In the event I struck a sensitive nerve, let me try to re-approach this.

    Let me be clear: I am in no way asking you to disclose more than you already do. I find the posts incredibly helpful and, well, I don't get out that much anyway, so a lot of what I read is for my own entertainment.

    But there is a fence around what this blog discloses and what it does not; and there are an abundance of good reasons to not disclose information, one of which you stated: part of the fun is finding this out for yourself. There could also be reasons of pressure, in general, and pressure around sensitive ecosystems (like small streams) – and there's always the catch and take crowd, if that's a concern.

    Like I said, in reading your blog this was never an issue for me until l read Adam's blog recently and it seemed to echo your own so I thought it was a policy or objective of the blog.

    In any case, it seems what I picked up on was not in any way an intentional, but just a coincidence.



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