Calling a ‘Time Out’ on the Swift River

I won’t be blogging much about the Swift.

I’ve shared that with Troy, and he understands. Also, I wanted to be transparent with all of you.

My thinking is multifold:

  • Writing about it has become a bit repetitive to me. I’ve blogged openly about flies and techniques that have worked for me, and I was finding that I was running out of things to say.
  • To challenge myself, I’m increasingly spending time at other rivers. I’m fishing other bodies of water 90% of the time. Before that, I focused on the Swift to try to get comfortable with its very picky trout. It was a great challenge and a very rewarding one. And, I now have become very comfortable there after putting in many hours, and, in a way, almost too comfortable.
  • I know this blog is still small potatoes in the big scheme of things, but I’m increasingly concerned about pressure on that river, and I don’t want to contribute to it.

So, I know this sounds selfish. It is.

Please try to remember that Troy and I are volunteers. We’re just regular guys who love to fish and have decided to write about it. We don’t run ads on the site, are not guides looking for potential clients, and don’t charge for our content. We make no money from this web site.

So, I feel quite free to focus on other rivers, but always want to be transparent with you readers about something like this. I appreciate everyone’s support and am very grateful for the emails I get from you.

Thank you for listening.


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