Overview: the Squannacook River

The Squannacook is an interesting river, as it goes through both urban and desolate areas. Parts of it move quickly, whereas other parts move slowly. There’s much there to explore.

My favorite section is the Peter Bertozzi wildlife area, about which I blogged here.

But, there are quite a few other spots worth hitting. Here are some:

BLACK ROCK (map coordinates)
This has incredible dry fly action if you hit it right. There’s a huge rock near which trout hang out, as there’s some deep water there. The river here is basically one large oxbow. There’s some walking required to get there, and so, it isn’t hit as hard as other parts of the river. I park at the Hawthorne Middle School in Townsend and hike in from there.

Black Rock

FARMERS’ EXCHANGE (map coordinates)
There is a very nice set of runs here for nymphing and streamers. You can work your way downstream and hit the quiet seams and the tailout areas of the runs. Really nice spot.

EDWARD ROAD (map coordinates)
There is a dirt lot here for parking, and if you head down the bank, you’ll see a very nice nymphing run on the near bank.  Work that water thoroughly. I remember one autumn day when I landed about six fish in one spot. Then, you can go upstream, towards the South Street bridge. I’ve landed wild brookies in that stretch. If you head downstream from the dirt lot, you’ll run into some quiet water with some great feeding and sheltering lies that beg for a streamer. And, if you keep going, you’ll end up at the Bertozzi area.

Enjoy the Squannacook!


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11 thoughts on “Overview: the Squannacook River

  1. Maybe I have runned into you at some point on the Squannacoock, but not sure.
    When you go to black rock do you park at the school on somewhere on the street?And how easy is to miss the trail?
    Love the blog, been an avid reader since I started fly fishing.
    Keep up with the good work.
    And thanks in advance.
    Rui Machado

  2. Hi, I enjoy your blog very much and appreciate the info. I fish the quinnie often and think the spots you highlighted are awesome. Definitely check out the trout Brook area you talked about. I've had very good luck starting where it joins the quinapoxet and downstream from there. I was interested in checking out the squannacook, and have heard of black rock. Is there a trail behind the middle school? I couldn't make one out on Google earth.


    1. Ben, thank you. Will check out the Trout Brook area and appreciate the heads up. There are paths behind the middle school. Another alternative is to find a residential street that abutts the woods and go in from there.

    2. Would you be willing to write some guests posts about the Quinnie? No need to mention any secret flies or spots. There's simply too much water for me to cover as the blog's other writers aren't in E. Mass.

  3. I definitely would be willing to write some posts on it. I haven't been out much lately, only a couple times and the fishing has been slow. I caught a couple on the river road section with the big oxbow. The water still had ice on some areas just over a week ago, and the fish are lethargic. As soon as I get out there this week or next week I'll let you know and for sure we can set something up. Also if you want me to just over view of some areas or something like that we can do that any time.


    1. Ben, both options work, frankly. So, email me the blog post(s) whenever you'd like, and I'll post them. Glad that you know well that river. It seems like an amazing piece of water. And, the more fly anglers we can get engaged, the more of a voice we will have on environmental and fishing regulation topics that many find critical. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  4. Are fish edible in squanicook? Caught a nice rainbow west Groton before the fall on rod and reel with rubber worm

  5. I’m sure that they are edible as the mass wildlife stock it multiple times in the spring and fall

  6. The plunge basin where the Trout brook dumps into Quinapoxit River holds nice browns. I have eaten them, and suffered no ill effects.

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