Farmington Has Been Stocked

The good folks at UpCountry, one of the best fly shops out there, announced this:

The upper river, from the dam in Riverton down about 4 miles to Whittemore Pool (just above the permanent Catch & Release area) was stocked on Tuesday 3/1. Needless to say, fishing reports in Riverton were excellent. Not sure on their stocking schedule, but I would not be surprised if they stock below the permanent Catch & Release area in the next few days (don’t quote me on this, it may or may not happen this week- we will update you when we know it’s been stocked). So if you want easy fishing for fresh stockers, head upriver. If you want holdovers & wild fish and are willing to work a little harder for them, fish the permanent C&R stretch for some real quality fish

The fly shop regularly posts river reports here. The Farmington is a great river. Check it out.


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