Overview: The Nissitissit River

I’ve not had much luck at the Nissitissit, but many anglers swear by it. I have checked out some “fishy” spots, and I write this post with the caveat that I’ve not succeeded there.

Here is where I’ve fished:

PRESCOTT STREET BRIDGE (map coordinates)
It’s fly fishing only from the bridge to the MA/NH border. When I was there, it was full of anglers and no one was catching. There’s some deep water below the bridge at Prescott St. I’ve not witnessed any hatches when I’ve been there, but I can say that some of the water there seems to beg for a streamer. Or, I’d check out this area during a hatch or spinner fall.

GOSSELIN DRIVE (map coordinates)
This is a residential area, but there’s a path to the river near there. This stretch of the river is quiet and has a great deal of woody debris in the water. I’m guessing that some good-sized brown trout hang out there. It’s a bit creepy to park at a residential area and rig up. I felt like a stalker.

SHATTUCK OIL (map coordinates)
This is a stocking point, and, if you get there early, you should be able to beat the crowds. Last time I was there, the fish were pooled off the near bank, under the bridge. Access is easy and that spot would be ideal for teaching children how to nymph. The one Nissi trout I hooked was there and it was huge. Unfortunately, it popped off. There’s also some quick water below the bridge, and that’s a likely spot to indicator nymph, as trout have to decide quickly if they’re taking a nymph.

Also, note that Gulf Brook, a tributary, has a wild brookie population. It feeds into the Nissitissit in a spot on the NH side.

Happy hunting!


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7 thoughts on “Overview: The Nissitissit River

  1. I too have had limited success at the nissitissit. I have caught a few good trout at the Prescott area. The area behind Shattuck oil sounds interesting to me, as does gulf Brook. The one thing I am wondering is if maybe this stream gets a little too warm in the summer. The area I have fished if I remember had a lot of slow moving stretches and seemed like it heated up. There is no question it is a great river, but I remember it kind of like the stillwater in Sterling. More of a spring and fall fishery. Like I said I haven't been a lot or in a while. I definitely want to check out the Shattuck oil area. Thanks for the info.


  2. The oil company area is really good for the first 2 weeks after stocking, but don't work it to much after that because there isn't a single fish to swim in there…bait boys fill the strings in that area and if you don't be carefull they will cast on top of you.
    Try a little further upstream below the removed dam, there is a little deep hole after the turn on the river that usually has a couple of browns during the summer, i guess they may be there on the winter too.

  3. I caught Brook Trout,Fallfish and White Sucker at Bohannon Bridge in Brookline NH.
    On April 14th 2018. Me and my stepdad were the first ones to get to this spot. I caught my first White Sucker when it was just me and my stepdad. Then I met a father named John and her 6 year old daughter Emma. They were one of the nicest people I ever met. I let them both fish with me and my stepdad. They both witnessed me reeling in my second White Sucker.

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