Green Weenies

Stocking trucks are rolling early for you guys, and soon the main rivers like the Swift, Westfield, and Deerfield will be swarming with trout. Great time to bring any of your kids, younger relatives, or neighbors out… for anyone who hasn’t done much fishing and is looking to give it a try, now’s the time.

When the clearer rivers are stocked, the first fly on my rod is always the green weenie. I’ve his talked about this fly before, because it produces. It works in murkier streams, either tightline nymphed or under an indicator, but in clear water like the Swift or pools of the Westfield you can really have fun with this fly. These stockies are dumb, but there’s something fun about watching them chase down a chartreuse piece of yarn.

For you tiers out there, I can’t think of many patterns easier.

Good luck out there everyone, and send some reports! Remember, nows the time to take a newbie out with you. The fishing won’t be getting any easier!


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