Trela Custom Rods

Trela fly rods are an unbelievable deal and contain tremendous craftsmanship.

As I’ve written before, custom rod builder Dan Trela is a legend. He fishes nearly every day and he knows the Swift River incredibly well. If you see an angler throwing dry flies and landing fish after fish, chances are it is Dan.

I’m writing because I just received his 2016 price sheet. He builds fly rods that you cannot buy anywhere else. And, his prices are unreal.

For example, let’s say you’re looking to buy one of those Sage “Little One” fly rods to fish size 30 dry flies on 8x or 9x tippet. You can buy a factory-made off-the-shelf rod from a retailer for $850. Or you can buy a custom-made “Little One” from Dan for $680. He uses the exact same rod blank but builds everything by hand.

That’s right: he offers a 20% discount.

Other details:

  • He makes all sorts of freshwater and saltwater fly rods
  • Each rod’s workmanship is guaranteed for life
  • Your name and registration number will be inscribed
  • Dan is an authorized Sage custom rod builder
  • He has been making fly rods for 50+ years

I think there’s a reason why many Swift “regulars” buy their gear from Dan. My next fly rod will come from him. I wish I knew him before I bought my fly rod!

You can contact Dan at 413-967-3430 or tr*******@co*****.net.

Edit: Dan also sells flies tailored for the Swift. He methodically tracks bug hatches, water temperatures, and stomach pumps on occasion a fish he lands.


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6 thoughts on “Trela Custom Rods

  1. I would love to own one of his rods also. I have never fished with such an expensive rod, just wondering if its really worth that kind of money? I have a custom built 1 weight that I paid $110.00 for that I love.


  2. Yes I used to purchase his flies until I started tying my own. The beauty of buying flies from him is he would give great advice on how to fish them and when to fish them etc. Definitely worth it.


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