Staying Warm During Winter Fishing

I fished quite a bit last winter. I go out with many layers and a ski hat. One thing with which I struggled, though, was this: how to keep my hands warm.

I tried various gloves and also invested in a pair of fishing gloves where you can make them either fingerless or covered.

Nothing really worked. I found that my fingers or hands got wet every time. So, I inevitably would pull off my gloves. Moreover, I found that in sub-freezing weather, I couldn’t tie my flies without taking off my gloves. My fingers felt frozen and undexterous.

So, in recent cold weather times, I’ve adopted what Kelly Galloup recommends: don’t wear gloves and bring an old dish towel. His view is that wet hands get cold, and so, dry them off.

You know what? It has worked thus far. I keep an old dish towel tucked into my waders. And, I bring some hand warmers, like those used for skiing, with me. I tuck them into the pocket of my waders and periodically warm my hands a tick or two.

Winter fishing is challenging, but there are no crowds. Worth doing.


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3 thoughts on “Staying Warm During Winter Fishing

  1. Definitely agree that gloves seem futile – I usually end up getting them wet as well. Bringing a towel is a good idea. Also, when lacking hand warmers, putting your hands down your pants works pretty well (though you might get some weird looks…).

  2. I use fingerless gloves (neoprene called glacier bay ), I can still tie with them and if I must I can tuck the hand warmers inside them. I also put on toe warmers. wool fingerless also work well because wool insulates even when wet, mother nature makes the best products

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