Two Big Browns

I have blogged before about the Jensens. They are absolute fish hawks, who also produce incredible videos.

Here is a very cool video that highlights a lot about strategy and technique. Note that they’re fishing nymphs without an indicator and are hook setting by watching a trout’s behavior.

Very cool, particularly in that that one of the fish is over five pounds.


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6 thoughts on “Two Big Browns

  1. They are just awesome, aren't they? I learned how to nymph without an indicator so for me it's just second nature, but I don;t often get to sight fish to trout that size for obvious reasons!

  2. Great video and based on how they say "eh?" so much I'm thinking they're from Canada. Not sure what impressed me more, landing a 7lb Brown or the way she charged across the current, above hip deep in fast current!

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