The Bunny Midge

I’m having much less luck with my size 26 dries as we slide towards colder weather. Predominant hatches these days will be midges and simulium (or, black flies). Think really small hooks.

So, I’ve been looking for new dries to tie in small hook sizes. After doing some online research I found the video above and have tied a few flies in size 30. I really like how this pattern uses a shuck and segmentation, both of which I’ve found to be strike triggers. The video also shows a creative way to tie on the wing.

I have some Veevus 12/0 thread, which is really thin and makes a huge difference when you tie such small flies. I don’t have snowshoe hare’s fur and have substituted CDC puffs.

I’ll give these flies a trial run the next time I go out.


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4 thoughts on “The Bunny Midge

  1. Hi Jo, I found this pattern online too and tied up a few (26-30). As I'm not getting out in the winter months I'm curious if you tried the pattern on the Swift and if it worked? I'll use these for sure on my next trip to the San Juan River. Another pattern to try from the same site is the foamerger. Dave

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