UV Knot Sense Saves Time

Sometimes, a little technology has a big impact. I’ve been using Loon UV Knot Sense, which is a thin liquid adhesive that bonds when you shine upon it ultraviolet light. It is pretty cheap.

I did so because sometimes a big fish breaks me off high up in the leader of my Euro-nymphing rig. It is a pain to recreate a set-up while on the river. Since using Knot Sense, I’ve not experienced any break-offs at locations where I place it. The smallest drop works well.

Specifically, here’s what I do on my nymphing rig. I use it to bind some blood knots and to better connect to tippet rings. I’ve written about that rig here, but here’s the summary of it, and I’ll add in italics where I place the Knot Sense:

  • Rio’s Euro-Nymph fly line
  • Nail knot
  • 18′ of 20 lb. mono
  • Blood knot
  • 9′ of 0x leader cut back to 7′
  • Double Davy knot
  • Tippet ring
  • 18″ of an inline sighter
  • Double Davy knot
  • Tippet ring
  • Tippet
  • Anchor nymph

The resin also smooths out a blood knot, so that it will better move through the fly rod’s guides. It’s cool stuff and has saved me a great deal of time.

I’ve been using a tippet ring for my go-to dry-fly rig. I think I’ll add a small drop of Knot Sense and see how the leader behaves my next time out. I’ve had too many big fish break me off where the leader meets the tippet ring.

Edit: I just used the resin on some flashback pheasant tails. The Knot Sense, when applied and cured, looks like a gas bubble. Such bubbles are what cause bugs to rise to the surface and emerge. Looking forward to fishing these flies.


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