The Squannacook and Swift Rivers: A Report

I went to the Squannacook and fished the Bertozzi area. I hit the spots where I usually find trout. I had only one take. I saw a glimpse of pink of a trout that then headed for some underwater branches and popped off. Amazingly, the tippet didn’t break and I was able to steadily pull and get back my nymphs.

Still, it was nice to see again that river.

I also went to the Swift. Landed 15. Ten rainbows and five good-sized brookies. Wow, those brookies can pull for their size. I didn’t see many bugs other than midges mid-afternoon.

There were fish everywhere. With the brookies spawning and the rainbows thinking they are, fish were moving around and very active.

At one point, I found a midge on my waders. It sure was small. Dan Trela was right: their bodies are incredibly thin.

Nymphs with hot-spots continued to perform well. I’m partial to hot-pink thread that I put on as a collar right behind a bead. I threw many dry flies but didn’t get any takes on them.

A very rewarding, soothing, and fun outing.


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4 thoughts on “The Squannacook and Swift Rivers: A Report

  1. That is a gorgeous chunky brookie. They are certainly getting colored up. I hope that their redds aren't destroyed by fishermen, but unfortunately that is bound to happen. Such a shame. I'm sure there will be more fish like the one you caught if this wasn't the case.

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