Special Hooks for Midges

It was a great pleasure to meet Joe C. at the Y Pool. He’s an accomplished angler.

A great tip he shared was about using “big eye” midge hooks. Putting on a size 30 midge emerger is a total pain, and it requires thin tippet. But, if you’re fishing for the big ‘bows at the Swift River, it doesn’t take much for a trout to break 7x or 8x.

Enter the Gamakatsu C12-BM midge hooks. I bought some online and really love them. Joe C. always fishes 5x, and with his recommended hooks, you don’t have to downsize tippet to put on a midge.


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4 thoughts on “Special Hooks for Midges

  1. I like the idea but I see they are only available barbless. Do you think barbless hooks lead to less fish in the net?

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