‘Three Great Wet Flies for Summer’

If you’re looking to read some fun and interesting content, read Steve Culton’s blog. He fishes the Farmington, is a guide, and offers clinics. He’s also a great writer and composes some entertaining prose.

His blog recently linked to an article he wrote on “Three Great Wet Flies for Summer.” To chase brown trout, I tie a (minor) variation of his Squirrel & Ginger fly, which I call The Slim Reaper. Angora goat fur? Who knew? Well, it’s a great material for flies.

So, take a look at his article and his blog. And, as mentioned, Feedly is a great way to read blogs.


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2 thoughts on “‘Three Great Wet Flies for Summer’

  1. Thanks for sharing the links and each of your patterns. Always good to see others ideas on fly patterns that work and are easy enough to tie.

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