Easily Track Fly Fishing Blogs and River Reports

I follow quite a few fly fishing blogs and the Orvis fly fishing news posts. I do so because I learn a great deal from reading them, and most important, it’s fun.

To track everything in one easy frame, I use Feedly.com. It’s free and will work on your computer, as well as your various mobile devices.

That way, I don’t have to bounce around from web site to web site. It also lets me easily read some content when I am on the go in my job and don’t have a computer in front of me.

So, yes, even on the coldest winter days, or when schedules are too hectic, I can continue to daydream about fly fishing.


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6 thoughts on “Easily Track Fly Fishing Blogs and River Reports

  1. This is great! I was just thinking it would be convenient to view all the blogs I read in one place.

    Any plans to fish this weekend? It looks like you should have some pretty good water temps tomorrow due to high overnight temperatures tonight.

    1. Thank you both!

      Don't think I'll be able to fish due to family commitments, but certainly hope to do so soon.

      FYI, a commenter on Ken Miller's blog said the Millers River would be stocked May 8. I think it would be safe to assume that stocking overall is delayed two to four weeks.

  2. The Millers is always stocked there at that time, unless I'm mistaken. But you're right, it will be delayed a bit.

    The Niss, Squann, and other northeast rivers hopefully will be stocked by end of next week. The rivers in central MA will have to wait probably one more week.

    We're probably talking 2 weeks later than last year.


  3. No problem! I've got a few contacts in the Fish and Game Department – I'll email you if I get a "hot tip" on where the trout are.


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