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Hey everyone! I’m Lance, and have been invited by Jo and Troy to join the team here at Fly Fish MA! Firstly, I would like to extend my thanks to Jo and Troy… they have done a fantastic job on this blog, giving up many spots, special rigs, and all sorts of information that most fishermen would never give up!

Let me give you all a quick blurb about myself. I worked as a Fish & Game Warden in both Montana and Utah, before moving back to the northeast where I grew up. I am now working in product management, and have a good amount of free time

I currently live in the far northwest corner of MA, and although I primarily fish in VT and NY, I do a good bit of Mass. fishing too. Now I’m certainly no Troy, who fishes 300+ days a year for every species that exists with every technique, but I get out enough to know what’s going on on the water and get a report in. I look forward to it!

Again, thanks to Jo and Troy for the warm welcome! I will be doing a bit of scouting these next few days in the Berkshires… a.k.a. prime brook trout territory! I’ll have a report when I’m back!



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7 thoughts on “New Guy Here

  1. Hey there Lance, I reside in Pittsfield Mass & Fly fish locally. Maybe we can hook up sometime & drown some flies sometime?

    Tight lines…………….Phil

  2. Welcome to the zone! So what do you think of those rumored Montana Hatched trout swimming like logs over at the power line? Still trying to figure out if thats what they really are.

    1. A local Ware resident, who fishes the Swift regularly, told me about the Montana strain. He said it's the 2nd year during which DFW has stocked them. Not all the trout have that pink/orange sheen that I think are indicative of that strain. But, there are plenty of them all around the Swift and I've not yet seen them at any other river.

    2. I haven't fished the Swift in over 5 years, but this makes me want to! I believe that it's probably true, which means the DFW is doing a good job! I'd like to see them stocked in more rivers now, actually.

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