Two 15" Brutes

I fished the Quinapoxet and another stretch of a local river, about which I unfortunately am sworn to secrecy. Landing some good-sized fish on my 3-wt. and 6x/7x tippet made them feel like absolute brutes.

At the Quinnie, I hooked three and landed a 15″ rainbow on a swinging white streamer. I’ve often had good results with a particular streamer that I call The JT Special. I think the roped peacock herl, hot-pink collar, and white marabou make for good color contrast.

The rainbow absolutely crushed the streamer and hooked itself. The fish had been hanging out in a placid seam under a tree. It was in the front-end of the stream, where alpha trout hang out and at which they get first dibs on food drifting down.

At the other river, I landed six browns, including a feisty 15″ one (videos up top, BTW). This one was surrounded by super-fast and absolutely boiling water. But, there was a narrow and very slow-moving seam in the middle, and I threw the nymphs there. Bang!

The trout did a great job of wrapping my tippet around a branch. I thought I’d lost it. But, thankfully, the fluorocarbon held up. I was able to free the line. Much joy and gratitude.

I continue to have good luck using flies with some color, like pink SJWs, nymphs with hotspots, a flashy red Serendipity, and chartreuse Copper Johns. And, of course, The JT Special.

It’s amazing how conditions have changed in just a few weeks. We are now entering a “golden period” for fly fishing: numerous hatches, active trout, and warming water temperatures. Stockies are creating competition for food, and so, holdovers are more active.

So, turn off the TV, cut a deal with your spouse, talk to your boss, delay the household chores, and do what you can to enjoy the current lights-out conditions.

Go fish!


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