New Trout Stream Open to the Public

Many thanks to Colie Egertson for giving me a heads up to this development: there’s a one-mile trout stream in Western Massachusetts available to the public.

Some private farmland was for sale and here’s what happened:

The Massachusetts-Rhode Island Council and the Franklin Land Trust (FLT) have partnered to protect 108 acres and a mile of riparian frontage along the headwaters of the West Branch of the North River, a wild trout stream in the Town of Heath in western Massachusetts. 

More details here.

Both Colie and I couldn’t find the exact location of the stream, but he thinks it is around here. He also did some digging and found both the farmland property lines and he highlights the one-mile stretch therein:




Colie knows his Internet!

If any one knows the exact location, let us know? It’s very exciting to see people protect trout waters and make them open to the public.

A great sign.


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3 thoughts on “New Trout Stream Open to the Public

  1. Now that it is no longer private property maybe we can get mass wildlife to dump some browns in there

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