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Everyone who is into fly fishing has probably watched a fly fishing video at some point. Maybe it was an instructional casting video or a montage of some great catches. But back in 2011 a couple of guys founded Montana Wild Outdoors, and revolutionized fly fishing films.

They are awesome. I have watched every one of their videos over 100 times. Now here’s whats so great about Montana Wild: they keep their videos short, filled with great shots, and they are all free. They share everything on their YouTube channel, and every video is great! Now I know there are some Catch Magazine fans out there (I’m one too), who are saying “there’s no way they can be be better”. But in my opinion, Montana Wild Outdoors is the best of the best as far as fly fishing montages. 
The point of this post was to share with you guys these great videos. They don’t get enough media, especially considering the stuff they produce is TV-worthy. I’m going to go to the F3T just to see their premier film.
Watching their videos make me want to start filming. You will too, once you watch them. 
So check these out…

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