Fly or Die?

As much as I’m an avid fly fisherman, I have to admit I love pretty much all types of fishing. Now probably 2/3 of my fishing time is spent with a fly rod in hand, but the other 1/3 is split a lot more ways.

I spend a lot of time bass fishing with my spinning gear and lures. I have fished basically every pond in the Northeast, and have recently (in the past few years) only been targeting giant bass, by fishing with HUGE swimbaits and giant live minnows. I am also really into carp fishing, and every year I am out at a river with my European-style gear, at least 20-30 days a year. But the list goes on: catfishing, pickerel, pike, sunfish, ice fishing, and I hope to be adding some saltwater fish to the list next year.

Now fly fishing is still my favorite way to fish, and I have targeted every fish on my fly rod that I have on my spinning rod. But I still see the value and fun in other types of fishing. I think I am really just after any sort of bent rod.

A lot of people only fly fish, or only fly fish for a specific species. I completely understand why many anglers choose to only target certain fish on a fly rod, especially native trout. For about 5 years, I only fished for native brookies, before a friend of mine got me hooked on carp fly fishing. From there, I expanded my horizons and started trying basically every type of fishing I could. But if I had to pick one type of fishing to do for the rest of my life, I would throw out the heavy gear and only fish for native brookies. They are the most beautiful fish you will catch, and are fun to catch.

So the conclusion? Fly fishing is great, but there are some other techniques that are also fun. But if you reside in a very particular type of fishing, I’ve got nothing against that, Focusing on one type of fish is fun too.

Now I will rarely ever post anything about spin-fishing on this blog, because there are plenty of other sources (MaFishFinder, YouTube videos, etc.) that will give you reports and information. I only focus on fly fishing here, because that is the main type of fishing I do, and there is hardly any fly fishing websites or blogs that talk about Northeast Massachusetts. But if you need any advice or help on bass, pike, perch, carp, catfish, ice fishing, or any other type of fishing, contact me. I’ll get back to you right away.

And I realized I didn’t really mention it (although some people looking to contact me fortunately found out), but my email is te*********@gm***.com. This is the best way to contact me with any fishing questions (locations, flies, or anything). I am planning on writing a post tomorrow on fly fishing for a very interesting species – one you may not picture being caught in MA, especially on the fly.


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6 thoughts on “Fly or Die?

    1. The Swift is basically your best bet around now. Check with the Quinapoxet River Fly Fishing Blog to see how the Quinnie is holding up, as it is closer, but you may have to head out to the Swift.

  1. Same here. I do spend some time bass fishing on a spinning rod, but fly fishing for native brookies beats everything else. Can't wait to see what species you are going to post about.

    1. Native Brookies rule!! I'm glad you commented, I thought I had posted my last post, but for some reason it didn't post. I must have accidentally clicked "save" instead of "post". I'll post it now.


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