The Swift

Sorry guys, I haven’t been able to sit down and write a post for the last few days to to a personal emergency. I was out of town for a few days, and most of my time was occupied. However, I did hit the Swift before this, on Saturday, like I planned, so here’s a quick report.

Saturday was pretty nice as far as weather, but it was still cold in the morning. I pulled into the Route 9 parking lot at about 8, after the 2 hour drive from my house. I had a lot of things I planned to do this trip, and I almost accomplished it all.
  1. I wanted to find schools of native brookies and catch some
  2. I wanted to get a rainbow (or other decent sized trout) on a dry
  3. I wanted to catch a trout on my new creation (more on this later)
  4. I wanted to catch one of the brown trout that I have been seeing on every trip
So by 8:30 I was right below the Y-Pool, ready to find some brookies. A school of 20 or 30 was in their usual spot, by the fallen tree. I tied on a size 20 CDC fly, and instantly got some hits. I fished for brookies for about an hour or so, before moving up the river to the infamous Y-Pool. I quickly found numbers of big trout, so on went a size 28 black dry midge, and I began sight fishing for these weary rainbows. Eventually, a 15 inch rainbow slurped down my fly, and after a good fight, I got him to the net. I fished till about 12, before heading back to my truck. Just as I was about to break down my rod, I remembered that I still had a few of my new creations (well, they are really more hybrids than inventions), so I decided to fish for a few more minutes below Route 9. There were a few trout in the deep pool by the bridge, but these weary trout were not safe! I landed 2 in 20 minutes and lost several more in that time span as well. I’ll write about it tomorrow.
At the end of the trip, I had achieved 3 of my four goals. I caught native brookies, rose a big rainbow, and slammed a few on my new creation. I didn’t see a single brown trout, so I didn’t catch one (duh!), but 3 out’a 4 ain’t bad!

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