At the Bench: Al’s Rat and the Ginger Wingless Flymph

As water temperatures rise, flows normalize and trout face more pressure, my baseline strategy will be to fish caddis and midge patterns. I’ve really enjoyed chucking streamers (prior post here) and will keep doing so for as long as I can, such as at dawn and on rainy days. But, my gut says that the


Noted Swift angler Gary Metras emailed and invited me out for shad fishing. I’m very grateful to him for his generosity. I had never fished for shad but had heard much about their fighting power and that their spawning season was very short. So, I was really excited when Gary reached out. He told me

Streamers and Wet Flies: My Fly Patterns and Set-Up

My project for the year has been this: fishing streamers and wet flies. Fishing with Joe Drake and reading Dave Hughes’ Wet Flies will do that to you. Every year, I decide to pick a river or a technique on which to focus. I’ll liberally visit other waters or employ other techniques to catch fish,