Upper Madison: Dries

The good news is that bug activity is absolutely exploding right now at the Upper Madison River. The bad news is that the fish have a wide variety of choice and so it is hard for an angler to pick the right pattern.

In the drift the other day, I saw quite a few bugs: small black caddis, medium tan caddis, salmon flies, small, brown stone flies, all sorts of mayflies, mayfly spinners in all sorts of sizes and colors, etc. The cascade of bugs changed every 30 minutes or so, as did the fish’s preference.

Thankfully, the Mole Fly and size 20 midge emergers did the trick. Fishing in the Northeast can be humbling and brutal. But it prepares you for Montana: our flies seem to do well out here, and you’re used to river traffic.

Tight lines!


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2 thoughts on “Upper Madison: Dries

  1. Picky, just like the Farmy last night! But the usual satisfied enough diners to make the evening interesting.
    I’d try one out there too. Pull it under just before a riser and let it pop back to surface.

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