At the Vise: Sulphur Cripple

It could be coincidence, but I’ve had good luck throwing Sulphur Cripple patterns. This weekend, a brown almost at 19″ took one. Last month, a 20″ brown ate one as well. (Blog posts here and here.) Even when it doesn’t work, the pattern gets a lot of looks.

Both times, I fished the flies on a Euro dry-dropper rig and attached the dry to a dropper tag. By doing this, I kept all line off the water and was able to handle some tricky currents. And, I noticed that the dry moved a great deal when attached to the tag.

YMMV, but here is the pattern:

  • Hook: size 12 to 16 barbless dry fly
  • Shuck: brown Z-lon or amber ice fur, along with mallard in dyed wood duck
  • Body: PMD turkey biot or natural pheasant tail, sealed with UV resin
  • Thorax: pale yellow Superfine
  • Wing: natural comparadun deer hair or elk hair
  • Hackle: cree, brown, or grizzly

Give it a go, and let me know how you do!



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2 thoughts on “At the Vise: Sulphur Cripple

  1. Looks kinda like a last chance cripple but sparcer. Cripples are definitely a good option with sulfurs. Nice job.

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