At the Vise: Sulphur Nymph

The Sulphur hatch is one of my favorites. By then, usually, trout rise willingly. It is a hatch that lasts longer than Hendricksons do.

During one lights-out outing, I saw many fish staging in the shallows before the hatch and then rise everywhere as a flotilla of emergers and duns floated down. I caught many fish from the bank while casting a dry within a rod’s length or two from me.

Before the hatch, trout often hunt for the nymphs. This pattern is pretty easy to tie. The UV resin adds durability to the fly, but I think it also is a strike trigger: often, I find that nymphs with the resin do better than those without it.


  • Hook: size 16 barbless Czech nymph
  • Body: PMD turkey biot and UV resin
  • Shuck: ice fur
  • Bead: tungsten in gold or copper
  • Thorax: peacock herl

I hope this pattern does well for you! In my quest to fully share my flies, I feel like I am behind and need to catch up. Hence, all the new posts.


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2 thoughts on “At the Vise: Sulphur Nymph

  1. Another interesting nymph to add to my box as I usually just fish the hatch on the top.
    My best Sulfur color dry is a Usual size 16 or a Pale Watery Wingless (basically a damp wingless wet fished upstream in or just under the film).
    Your correct its a more dependable hatch than the Hendrickson and often coincides with decent Caddis action too.

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