The Golden Hour

It’s Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts. Rather than deal with the Boston Marathon traffic, it was a great opportunity to leave early to fish.

There were surprisingly few parked cars when I arrived at the river, and I decided to hit one of the stockie zones. Fishing was slow to start, and I tightlined all of the fishy runs to no avail. Other anglers reported a very slow day.

Mid-morning, a bite window opened up. It was lights out, and then it all magically ended. Junk flies rarely worked, and most of the fish were partial to a #16 Pheasant Tail with a red collar.

I did see some Palomino trout, which are a mix of rainbow trout and West Virginia golden trout DNA. They’re a bit freaky looking. I didn’t see any of the monster ‘bows like I did a few years ago (a 10+ lb. fish here), but it was nice to get outside.

After plenty of fish in the net, my sore back prompted me to head back. When I got home, I arrived to empty streets, as all of the runners had finished.

Happy Patriots’ Day to all!


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2 thoughts on “The Golden Hour

  1. Glad you found some water to fish. Congratulations to a great start to the season. Out here in WMass, wow the rivers are high, too high! And I have a box full of pink squirmy’s just waiting to be fished!

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