Spring Scratches

With the Mrs. out with a friend this afternoon, on a lark, I checked the river gauges. Some rivers were starting to come down from all of the rain we’ve received. With the wind tapered off, it seemed like a good time to fish.

I went to a Connecticut freestone that offers fishy water, scenery, and stocked trout when in season. Two casts in, I had a small rainbow on the line, and it promptly dropped as my timing was quite rusty.

I kept tightlining Hendrickson-style nymphs but didn’t get another take. My hope was that the bugs were starting to practice their ascents.  The water was 42 °F, which was decent for this time of year but well below when fish will normally move for food.

So, I started rotating through junk flies. Nothing really worked for about an hour. Then, fortune looked favorably upon me: I got a series of fish on a Mop Fly.

With my fish scratch itched, I decided to reel up and call it a short-but-sweet outing. Before the drive home, I searched online for a good snack spot. Pho Dakao in Framingham scratched the food itch quite nicely. I ordered an app and the phở with jiggly bits. There’s are also many dishes for those less adventurous. I’d been to the restaurant before and love the quick service and quality food. It isn’t too far from the Mass Pike for those who travel on that highway to our fishy spots.

I didn’t take any photos of the newly-placed stockies because they weren’t that large or colorful. So, I will leave you with photos of my snack and with the hope that you’re having a great weekend.


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