Stoneflies and Midges

This is a great video about some bugs that I don’t think get enough attention. It also covers rise forms when fish tip their hand about what they’re eating and why. Some of my favorite patterns are stoneflies and midges. They are often in the drift and are less obvious. In my opinion, you cannot beat a mayfly hatch or when caddis are present. And, many of us, fish those patterns.

But it is often advantageous to throw flies that others are not. Even though I’ve been fishing for a while, I feel that I am still early in my understanding of what trout eat and why. I have posted on this blog the patterns that tend to work for me. And I think part of the reason why they work is that I am throwing some things that trout are looking for and which others are not casting. Supply versus demand.

But who knows? That is part of the fun.

Temperatures are rising, and fish are getting more active. Have fun out there!


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