Phở-get About It

I woke up early to hit the river and had high hopes. During the past few outings, I saw a few dozen trout each time. Newly-released wards of the state, no doubt, but it was fun to feel the rod bend. Could be angler error, but I haven’t seen any big, wild fish this winter.

Unfortunately, all of my usual tricks and flies didn’t prevail this time. Perhaps, it was because the sun was high and bright this morning. Or, maybe, the snow melt was affecting the water temp. Regardless, I didn’t feel a single bump on the line.

At about noon, I called it quits. I didn’t want to wait around until the afternoon bite window, and so, I decided to see if there was a good lunch spot en route to home. Phở Sàigòn in Springfield, MA, was the highlight of my day.

If you’ve never had Vietnamese food, I strongly recommend it. The flavors are fresh and clean, and it’s easy to navigate the menus. I’d recommend crispy spring rolls, one of the noodle soups (I got the Bún bò Huế), and iced Vietnamese coffee. That last suggestion is a vestige of French colonial times, and it’s wonderful to sip a freshly-made, slow-drip coffee that is served with sweet, condensed milk. No need for dessert.

I hope to have a better fishing report next time.

Tight lines to all!


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