Is Jeff Currier the Most Interesting Person in Fly Fishing?


Spoiler alert – in my opinion, Jeff Currier holds the title of the most interesting person in fly fishing. He’s a published author, blogger (one of the best), competitive angler, painter, world traveler, IGFA World Record holder, casting instructor, and professional speaker, among other things. Possibly my favorite thing about Jeff is that he holds the unofficial distinction of catching the most species of fish on a fly rod (430+?!). Jeff has a thorough profile available at his website –


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice, both times at The Fly Fishing Show in Marlboro, Mass. The first time I met Jeff I thanked him for his instructional videos on saltwater techniques and strategies posted on the Yellow Dog Fly Fishing YouTube channel (he is a Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures Fishing Ambassador). The second time, just last month, I had the opportunity to chat with him for a while about what the next exotic species were on his list to catch for 2023.

I purchased a couple pieces of art – one tarpon print and one brook trout mug. I also picked up a copy of his 1999 publication Currier’s Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing. 2002’s Currier’s Quick and Easy Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing is next. The tarpon is now framed and hanging by my desk, and the mug was well-received as a gift by my father.

A beautiful Jeff Currier coffee mug. Source and available at

Am I biased because Jeff is from the beautiful North Shore of Massachusetts? Possibly, yes. But I’m still impressed by the diversity of Jeff’s background – from working in a fly shop to earning a bronze medal at the World Flyfishing Championships to teaching seminars on topics like “Streamer Tricks for Larger Trout” and “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish Near Home.”

Jeff Currier content is widely available – from podcasts to videos to articles and more. Give him a search and you won’t regret it. He’s as knowledgable as they get, a great American gentleman representing his country in international competitions, and one of the most accomplished anglers in history due to his plethora of species landed. Who do you think are other men and women that should be on the Mt. Rushmore of most interesting people in fly fishing?


A recent magazine cover featuring Jeff Currier and a massive pike

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2 thoughts on “Is Jeff Currier the Most Interesting Person in Fly Fishing?

  1. Lefty Kreh. I grew up in the Washington DC area and the outdoor columnist for the Washington Post would often go out with him, really fascinating outdoors person. He was another guy who went for all types of species on a fly rod.

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