Gear Review: Orvis Pro Insulated Hoodie

When Orvis first produced its Pro Insulated Hoodie, they sold out pretty quickly. After a wait, I earlier this year received my jacket. I love it. It is hands-down the warmest piece of winter clothing I own for fly fishing. It even beats my ski jacket. The Mrs. asked me to buy her one just for walking around town.

The jacket is lightweight and very thin. When I first got it, I wondered if it would keep me warm. But, the Primaloft material they use is pretty amazing: very compact, lightweight, and extremely efficient at keeping in heat.

With fleece-lined pockets, a convenient zipper-enclosed chest pocket, and a hoodie, this has all the needed features without creating the bulk that limits mobility and casting ability.

Winter fly fishing isn’t easy, but if you can stay warm, you have a shot at running into some big fish without running into the big crowds.


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10 thoughts on “Gear Review: Orvis Pro Insulated Hoodie

  1. Thanks for the review. I am always suspect of Retailer online reviews and pay attention to those done with no financial incentives!

    1. As I’ve written previously, I get their pro discount, as do guides and state wildlife agency employees. They ask for nothing in return.

      This is easily the warmest piece of outdoor clothing I own and am really happy with how effective it is while also being thin and lightweight.

      1. Ordered mine as a replacement for a couple of tired jackets. Always nice to get fishing clothing that my wife lets me wear in public!

  2. Thanks for the great review. Looks like another quality product from Orvis. How does it do at cutting the wind? Handling rain/snow? What does it cost?

    1. Very good at stopping wind. In a heavy and cold rain storm, I wear a rain jacket outside of it. I don’t add that layer in a snowfall. The flakes don’t melt and just brush off.

      $229 unfortunately.

    1. Tip from guide Zach St. Amand: nitrile gloves that keep your fingers dry. I wear fingerless Simms gloves over the nitrile and use ski hand warmers on brutal days.

  3. Only issue I’ve found with synthetic loft insulation, like Primaloft, is that its performance really degrades year after year. It just doesn’t loft as well, making the coat colder in year two than it was in year one. Natural down needs to be kept dry, which can be tricky for hunting/fishing clothing, but its performance seems much more stable.

    1. Wow, great to know. I wonder if washing the coat somehow degrades the material? This is the warmest coat I’ve ever owned, and so, I may just have to wear a stinky jacket.

  4. Just forwarded to my wife!! Maybe santa can get one. Thx for the review. Can you say underlayer for hunting and ice fishing as well??

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