#OnlineIronFly Fly Tying Competition & Staying Close to Home (Unfortunately)

Catching the fish or the fisherman with this fly?

Many of us are stuck inside, doing the social-distancing thing. However, many of us are lucky enough to get out and fish on occasion during these trying times.

I have been able to, and I have been focusing on close waters that I think don’t have many people. Even if that means it’s going to be a lack luster day because the stream isn’t super fishy. Why? So, I don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

Although MA, my current abode location, still has state land open for business, we need to be sure to understand that this may not continue to be the case if we don’t take this situation seriously. States from New Jersey to RI have closed state lands to limit spread, and it could get so bad that, in Washington, the fishing season is closed until further notice.

We need to head the idea that this isn’t business as usual, and that sucks. But, if we play it safe, stay close to home, and maybe pass on that spot that already has a car or two, we may be able to keep the access open where it hasn’t already been lost.

For an alternative, and maybe a distraction for those limited already, how about some fly tying?

Vedavoo, Pigfarm Ink, and a batch of others are sponsoring a four-week long, Instagram-based version of the Iron Fly Challenge.

We are smack dab in the middle of it as I write this, but you can jump in whenever this April!

Here is what’s happened so far:



In Week 1 of the challenge, every participant was limited to tying with materials found in the bathroom. I found some band-aids and some natural fur dubbing left in the bottom of the tub. Gross, but effective for the scud pattern I tied. I was pretty proud of it.

There were some real fun ones done up. I suggest searching for #onlineironfly on social media to check out what people have been putting together. Here was my contribution:




Week 2 was limited to what you could find in your kitchen. I made a funny one, trying to catch some fisher-folks instead of the fish with my “Scotch” fly. However, I have been super impressed with some of the inventiveness of folks.




I have no idea what the challenge will be the next two Wednesdays (April 15 and 22), but the winner could be you!

I have been enjoying the heck out of the challenge and having a laugh over some of the inventive takes on the flies.

Hope to see ya out there, can’t wait to see some of your creations.


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