Becoming Articulate(d)

This morning, I walked to the Farmington’s banks with a bit more pep to my step: it was Articulated Day.

In my hand was my new 10′ Orvis Helios 3D seven-weight, and so fine did it feel. Articulated streamers were in my chest pack, and I was ready to rumble. It was to be my first time throwing articulated streamers.

The day required work.


I started off throwing a white Sex Dungeon, hoping to move fish and see where they were. I had a few grabs, but none stayed on. Perhaps, it was user error. Perhaps, it was small fish nipping at the tail of the streamer.

I switched to a smaller streamer, a Mini Sex Dungeon. Another grab. A buck brown showed itself. I forgot to strip set and instead raised the rod tip…and, the brown was off.

I tried to dupe it again, rested the stretch, and tried a third time. No deal. I now know where it lives.

I’m new to the Big Streamer Game and am making all sorts of rookie mistakes. But, that’s the point. I’m enjoying learning a new technique.

I then stalked some areas where fish are known to spawn. I spotted a pair of browns and left them alone. No redds, though, at least where I was.

Soon, I switched to a non-articulated fly, a go-to streamer in olive. Behind it, was a Grouse and Orange trailer. I figured a big fly and a small fly together could be a good combination. Plus, there was Caddis in the air.


My shoulder was sore by this point from all the casting and the rod action I was imparting during the retrieves. So, I fished the flies with a gentle swing, as one would a wet-fly tandem. Wouldn’t you know it, but some clean-looking browns started to show themselves. No giants, but I didn’t care.

The rest of the day was more of the same, except that I played around with three new poly leaders. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on three reel spools and three fly lines, and so, I purchased poly leaders with various sinking rates. They cast well and worked well.

During the drive home, I called up some fellow blog writers, Damon Matus and Ashu Rao, to compare notes. It’s a great way to learn from others and also keep in touch with friends.

I think becoming articulate at articulated streamers will take time. But, I’m OK with that. I’m willing to make the time.

I know they’re a strategy with a low-hit rate. I’m looking forward to the next rainy Saturday, as I hope to fish the streamers then.


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6 thoughts on “Becoming Articulate(d)

    1. Well! Not sure why they’re better than putting on the right amount of split shot on the leader, but they were easy to cast. I will be using the intermediate poly leader often for wet flies.

  1. In my experience big white flies have never done well in the Farmington. Not sure why but that’s been a long term pattern. Under 2 inches white works fantastic but bigger rarely seems to.

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