South Carolina

My schedule allowed for a few days off this week, so, I traveled to South Carolina to visit one of my closest friends. We wasted almost no time. Shortly after arriving in Greenville yesterday, Colby took me to a spot with wild brown and rainbow trout.

The differences in elevation are dramatic in the south. While there is virtually no snow at the lower elevations, there is still plenty further up. As such, we dealt with some typical winter conditions. Deep-nymphing was the best option.

Overall, it was a low-volume outing. I only managed one fish, while Colby managed three. We both missed a few.

I wasn’t too upset despite the lack of action. It had been a while since I got out last so I cherish any time out on the water. My lone wild rainbow was my first South Carolina trout and my first outside of New England.

A very special fish and consolation for an up-and-down fall season. Luckily, it got better from there.

More in my next post.


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