Quick Farmington Report

A quick report on the Farmington, given the high water. Fellow blog writer Damon Matus and I will be at the George Daniel nymphing clinic later today. We met up yesterday and fished in the afternoon.

I started off above the Still River and found seven in all: willing stockies, a brown and a brookie. The water release from the dam was up to 500 cfs.

Damon and I then fished together below the Still. The total water flow was about 1,300 cfs. Damon did very well, and I landed only one.

For me, bright flies were the go-to choice. I fished from the bank much of the time. The active fish were in water waist-deep or less, in the quiet bends and soft seams.


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7 thoughts on “Quick Farmington Report

  1. Thanks for the report! I’ve never fished the Deerfield before, am out here for a few days, can’t fish the Millers, so thinking of trying the Deerfield. One question: where is the Still River? I can’t find it on any map.

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