Looking for Tricos

The weather forecast didn’t look promising for a Trico hatch and spinner fall, but I decided nonetheless to head to the Farmington.

Tricos comprise my favorite hatch. I first ran into them in Montana, where the spinner falls were absolutely enormous. When conditions are right, they also can happen at the Farmington.

Alas, Saturday morning’s weather was too cool for that, but I had fun nonetheless after not fishing for the past six weeks; work has been busy, family obligations numerous, and our cycling trip in Italy was epic but absorbed two weekends.

Also, I just wasn’t in the mood to hit the elbow-to-elbow conditions at the Swift River, the tailwater closest to me. Moreover, I’ve found anemic dry-fly fishing there in August and early-September at the Y Pool.

I spend most of the time on Saturday throwing dries to a few risers. I tried everything but had only one take. I also threw various indicators at various spots. Tightlining proved to be the best technique of the day.

Amazingly, there was a magic fly: a size 20 Brassie. I went six-for-seven and called it a day a little after noon. No behemoths, but it was great to see fish.

The prettiest one had some amazing red spots.

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Looking for Tricos

  1. From the Housatonic River in Lee, Mass. from last August. I walked head first into a swarm of tricos above the water. I never noticed them as I was eyeing my foam ant floating until there were tricos in my eyes and nose. Nothing was rising to them. But my ant fooled a nice brown.

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