Pittsburg, NH: Bugs Galore

A super-quick post this morning, as Jamie and I are about to hit the water.

He and I connected yesterday afternoon, and we hit some of the glamour spots up here at Pittsburg, NH’s Trophy Stretch.

It didn’t take long for Jamie to get into some fish, and some good ones, too.

I worked all sorts of water yesterday, and it ended up being a high-volume outing after a slow morning. Over two dozen landed, I think?

Half of the fish were on dries, which is always a blast. With water clear, you can see each refusal and the occasional grab!

When I went to my car this morning and opened the door, a bunch of midges flew out. Then, I saw a bug on my car.

A crippled Caddis? About a size 18. I better get to tying!


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